Metro is proposing a nature park project for the West Hills. It includes building a number of multi-use trails. The plan requires a change to the county's Comprehensive Plan, as well as several county land use permits.

All application documents can be found in the Document Library.

The Multnomah County Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the proposal. Public comment will be accepted before the hearing, and the hearing itself will be open to the public.

Read on for more information about the proposal, the hearing, and how you can have your say.

Notice of Public Hearing

Date and time to be announced

Case Files: T3-2017-9165, T4-2017-9166, EP-2017-6780

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The Multnomah County Planning Commission will conduct a hearing on the following proposal:

Metro seeks county land-use approval for a public nature park project, which will include trail development of multi-use trails. One applications is for a Quasi-Judicial Revision to the Multnomah County Comprehensive Plan to designate a public park. Other applications are for the following permits to develop park related parking, trails, restrooms and related amenities:

  • Conditional Use
  • Community Service Use
  • Design Review
  • Significant Environmental Concern
  • Hillside Development
  • Protected Aggregate and Mineral Sites
  • Lot of Record
  • Exception to the Secondary Fire Safety Zone
  • Variance to the Forest Practices Setbacks
  • Forest Development Standards
  • Road Rules Variance

    Public Participation and Hearing Process

    All interested parties may appear and testify or submit written comment on the proposal at or prior to the hearing. Comments should be directed toward approval criteria applicable to the request. The hearing procedure will follow the process outlined in Multnomah County Code 37.0610 (Hearings Process) which will be explained at the hearing.

    You may submit written testimony by mail, email or comment form:
    Kevin Cook
    1600 SE 190th Avenue
    Portland OR 97233-5910
    Online comment form

    Testimony must be received by the land-use planning office before the scheduled hearing (date and time TBA) in order to be considered at the hearing. You may also submit written testimony to the Planning Commission at the hearing.

    The Planning Commission may forward a recommendation of approval to the Board of County Commissioners who will consider the case at a subsequent public hearing. A decision made by the Board of County Commissioners is appealable to the Land Use Board of Appeals by the applicant or other participants at the hearing. The Planning Commission may also decide to deny the application. Appeal of a denial by the Planning Commission will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners.

    Any issue intended to provide basis for an appeal to either the Board of County Commissioners or the Land use Board of Appeals must be raised before the close of the public record. Issues must be raised and accompanied by statements or evidence sufficient to afford the County and all parties to respond to the issue. Notice of the county’s final decision will be mailed to the subject property owner(s), applicant, parties within 750 feet of the subject property, and any other persons who submitted written comment or provided oral testimony at a public hearing.

    A staff report will be available for inspection 7 days prior to the hearing. All documents and application materials will be available in the document library. Copies of any documents may also be purchased at the rate of 30 cents per page.

    Applicable County Codes

    Approval Criteria

    All testimony should be directed toward the approval criteria. Applicable approval criteria are listed below:

    Multnomah County Code (MCC):  

    • 37.0705 [Comprehensive Plan Amendment] 
    • 33.2030(A)(9)(b) [Conditional Uses in CFU-1] 
    • 33.2230(A)(9)(b) [Conditional Uses in CFU-2] 
    • 33.2630(C) [Conditional Uses in EFU] 
    • 33.2830 [Conditional Uses in MUA-20]
    • 33.3130 [Conditional Uses in RR]
    • 33.3330 [Conditional Uses in BRC]
    • 33.6300 – 33.6350 [Conditional Uses criteria] 
    • 33.6000 – 33.6020 [Standards for Community Services] 
    • 33.7000 – 33.7060 [Design Review] 
    • 33.2000 – 33.2110 [CFU-1 Base Zone] 
    • 33.2200 – 33.2310 [CFU-2 Base Zone]
    • 33.2600 – 33.2690 [EFU Bass Zone]
    • 33.2800 – 33.2885 [MUA-20 Base Zone]
    • 33.3100 – 33.3185 [RR Base Zone]
    • 33.3300 – 33.3385 [BRC Base Zone]
    • 33.4500 – 33.4575 [Significant Environmental Concern Overlay Zone] 
    • 33.5500 – 33.5525 [Hillside Development/Slope Hazard Overlay Zone] 
    • 33.5700 – 33.5745 [Protected Aggregate & Mineral Sites] 
    • 33.2110 [Exceptions to Secondary Fire Safety Zones] 
    • 33.7600 – 33.7616 [Adjustments and Variances] 
    • 33.0005, 33.2075, 33.2870 [Lot of Record] 
    • Chapter 37 [Administration & Procedures] 
    • Chapter 29.003 [Adoption of State Building Code by Reference]

    Applicable Road Rules (2004 version) criteria:

    • 4.000 Access to County Roads
    • 5.000 Transportation Impact
    • 6.000 Improvement Requirements
    • 7.000 Transportation Impact Studies
    • 8.000 Off-site Improvement Requirements
    • 9.000 Compliance Method
    • 11.000 Local Access Roads
    • 14.000 Vacation of Right of Way
    • 16.000 Road Rules Variance
    • 17.000 Appeals

    Applicable Design and Construction Manual criteria:

    • Section 2.1.3 Design Standard Variance

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