We do not issue building permits. Building permits in Multnomah County are issued by cities, even for areas outside their city boundaries. Find out more about where to get a building permit.

When you apply for a building permit in unincorporated parts of the county, the city will refer you to us to submit your building plan. We will review it for compliance with zoning rules.

Before You Submit

Please begin with our Ask a Planner form. Let us know you need a building plan review, and what you’re planning. Our Planner on Duty will contact you in the order in which your application or request was received.

The planner on duty will briefly go over your plan with you. They will give you a zoning checklist that is specific to your plan. Each property is different, so this checklist will help make sure your submission is complete.

You may have other land use applications to submit for your property. If so, the other applications must be approved before you submit your building plans for review. Your plans must comply with all the conditions of approval.

Submitting Your Plan

You are ready to submit your building plan if:

  • our Planner on Duty has given you a zoning checklist

  • you have completed all other land use applications  for the property

Required documents:

Refer to your zoning checklist as you prepare these documents. It may also call for other documents, such as transportation review, sanitarian review or a stormwater or erosion certificate. Always make sure to follow the zoning checklist.

All documents must be submitted in digital form. Plans must be drawn to scale, either engineering or architect.

If you have followed your checklist and have all your required documents, you may submit your plan by email to LUP-submittals@multco.us.

Our email system will not accept attachments larger than 25mb. Your email may have lower limits. If your attachments together exceed this total, you may divide them into two or more emails.

After You Submit

We will send you an invoice for any review fees. After you pay your invoice, we will send you a checksheet within 30 days if additional information is required. Reviews typically take 2-3 weeks to complete once we receive all required materials.

If you have not received a status update 30 days after your invoice payment date, you may email land.use.planning@multco.us