A LUCS is a statement that tells a partner agency what land use requirements the county has for a project. The details of a LUCS vary by agency.

A LUCS is not a land use decision but is advisory to that agency. If you need a LUCS for your project, the agency will give you a form to fill out and submit to us.  We do not have these forms.

 You are ready to submit your LUCS if:

  • you were referred to us by a city or another agency

  • that agency provided you a LUCS form

  • your form(s) is/are completely filled out

  • you are providing all the documents the form calls for

Required Documents:

  • Request for Zoning Plan Review & LUCS (1.24 MB)

  • LUCS form provided by agency

  • Your site plan showing the property with existing and proposed improvements

  • Any other documents your LUCS form calls for

You will be sent an invoice when we receive your request. We will begin processing after we receive payment in the order in which it was received. Processing will be delayed if you don’t provide all the required forms and information.

If you have all of these documents, you may submit your LUCS request to LUP-submittals@multco.us.

Our email system will not accept attachments larger than 25mb. Your email may have lower limits. If your attachments together exceed this total, you may divide them into two or more emails.