Pre-Filing Meetings are usually scheduled 3 - 4 weeks out from the date we receive payment, depending on availability.

Pre Application Meeting slots are limited each month. The deadline for submitting a Pre-Application Request and paying the fees is 4:00 PM on the 1st Friday of each month.

All meetings are held on Thursdays.

Before You Submit

Contact our office. A planner will briefly go over your project with you, and let you know the next steps.

Submitting Your Request

You are ready to submit your PF or PA Meeting Request if:

  • You spoke with the Planner on Duty and were directed to this page.
  • You have all the required documents listed on the meeting request form.

All documents must be submitted in digital form. Plans must be drawn to scale, either engineering or architect.

If you have all your required documents, you may submit your request by email to

Our email system will not accept attachments larger than 25mb. Your email may have lower limits. If your attachments together exceed this total, you may divide them into multiple emails.

After You Submit

We will contact you to let you know we’ve received your documents. You will receive an invoice for the meeting fee. We will schedule the meeting after the invoice is paid.