A Type I Application is submitted for proposals that do not require discretion in order to approve the application. We simply review whether you meet the standards. The decision is issued by county staff.

Multiple permits may be included under a single Type I application.

Before You Submit

Please begin with our Ask a Planner form. Our Planner on Duty will contact you in the order in which your application or request was received. The planner on duty will briefly go over your project with you, and let you know what permits are required and what type of application to submit.

They will give you a zoning checklist that is specific to your project. Each property is different, so this checklist will help make sure your submission is complete.

Submitting Your Application

You are ready to submit your Type I Application if:

  • Our Planner on Duty has given you a zoning checklist

  • You have all the required documents listed below and on your zoning checklist

Required documents for all Type I applications:

  • Type 1 Application (690.97 KB) signed by all property owners and stating what permits you are applying for

  • Scaled site plan

  • Narrative explaining how you are meeting the applicable code sections

  • Elevation and floor plan drawings

  • Service provider forms (Septic, Transportation, Fire, etc)

  • Stormwater Drainage Control Certificate packet

  • Erosion control plan

Your zoning checklist will call for other documents, depending on your permit types. Following are the requirements for the most common permits.

Erosion Sediment Control (ESC):

  • Required application materials listed in MCC 39.6225

  • Erosion control plan

  • Landscaping plan

  • ESC worksheet

Flood Hazard (FH):

  • Required application materials listed in MCC 39.5025

  • Detailed construction drawings

  • Elevation certificate

  • Written narrative addressing applicable code section

Address Assignment (AA):

  • site plan showing driveway location and all proposed and existing structures

Sign Permit:

  • sign details

  • narrative addressing the applicable sections of MCC 39.6700 through 39.6820

Significant Environmental Concern (SEC-h, Type I):

  • SEC-h Type I worksheet

Refer to your zoning checklist as you prepare these documents. Always make sure to follow the zoning checklist.

All documents must be submitted in digital form. Plans must be drawn to scale, either engineering or architect.

If you have followed your checklist and have all your required documents, you may submit your plan by email to LUP-submittals@multco.us.

Our email system will not accept attachments larger than 25mb. Your email may have lower limits. If your attachments together exceed this total, you may divide them into two or more emails.

After You Submit

Your assigned planner will contact you to let you know we’ve received your documents. You will receive an invoice for your application fees. The fees must be paid for the application to be considered submitted.

We will contact you in the order in which your application or request was received.

If you want a status update, please email your assigned planner or land.use.planning@multco.us.