In 2007, the Crime & Justice Institute, a nonpartisan consulting, policy analysis, and research agency, worked with Multnomah County to develop a public safety plan designed to "assist decision makers in building and maintaining the most balanced, effective, and cohesive public safety system possible within available resources." The six-month study brought together judges, police officers, prosecutors, parole officers, victims advocates, treatment providers and other public safety experts to identify gaps in the system, generate a list of 53 proposals for improvements to public safety and prioritize investments that are most likely to reduce crime. The study was commissioned by the County Chair and Commissioners and overseen by a core work group made up of policy analysts, managers and subject matter experts.

Below please find information on the 2009 status of those 53 proposals ( Proposals 8-12-09 (13.73 KB)for a summary) that are being considered by LPSCC's Public Safety Plan workgroup

Additional Felony and Misdemeanor Disposition Resources
Corrections Health Evaluation and Court Support Program
Corrections Health Transition Planning Program with Court Interface for Acute Diseases and Mental Health Inmates
Decrease caseload sizes for Adult Felony Supervision
Enhanced In-Jail Needs Assessment, Programs & Transition Planning
Open Closed Modules at the MCDC Jail
Three Dormitories at the Wapato Jail

Case Processing
Automate and Enhance the Length of Stay (LOS) Analysis Using DSS-J
Holds Team
Tracking Custody Pretrial Offenders Return to Jail When OSH Determines Capacity to Stand Trial

Adult Recog Expanded Interview Program
Booking-Pretrial-Classification Common Database
Kiosk Supervision

Adult and Juvenile Forest Project
Adult Misdemeanor - Restoration
Work Release Center

Specialty Courts
Community Court
Domestic Violence Specialty Court
Drug Court
Gambling Docket
Mental Health Specialty Court
Restitution Docket and Collection Team

Dedicated Criminal Justice Systems Research Capacity
Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)
Standardized Police Reports
Video Arraignment / Video Conferencing
Wireless Internet Connectivity /Courthouse Wi-fi

Transitional Centers (Housing) for Releasing and Homeless Offenders
Transition Services Coordination
Transition Vocation Team

Continuum of Care Enhancements
Residential Alcohol and Drug Beds
Sex Offender Treatment
Wapato Alcohol and Drug Treatment
Workforce Development

Triage & Mental Health
Behavioral Health Triage For Adults
Mental Health Crisis-Respite Facility for Adults
Resource Database and Public Safety Mental Health Training Liaison
Secure Mental Health Sub-Acute Facility For Adults

Court Affiliated Victim Advocates
Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team
Domestic Violence One-Stop Center
Domestic Violence Police – Advocate Teams
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Community Prevention
Improving Public Safety Response to Domestic Violence
Mental Health Services for Children Exposed to Trauma
Nurse Family Partnership-nurse home visits
Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator
Victim Advocates
Victim Services Program Analyst
Vulnerable Adult Specialist Team-Pilot Forensic Capacity
Secure website for the sharing of child abuse injury photographs

Public Safety Plan