This proposal provides additional judicial and district attorney capacity for trials and pleas in the Criminal Procedure Court.

Budget Range: $100k - 250k

Status: Partially implemented
The program could be operational within 2 weeks from hiring staff. The new DDA and Referee would make it possible to an experienced judge and deputy district attorney freed to take on this new assignment – they are doing this work already in other forums which are less efficient. Opening this plea court would create an expedited forum for case disposition that would be used instantly by criminal defense attorneys due to the long waits for docket time to set a plea in other forums which are focused on all aspects of case processing. In, two weeks it would be operating at close to capacity, and would free up time in other programs for backlogged work. If not implemented, cases will age in the system longer – taking up needed jail beds for those in custody, or increasing the possibility of a “failure to appear” and the resulting bench warrant and cycle of arrest, booking and holding for court appearance.

Last updated September 2009