This workgroup is not currently meeting. 

The Alcohol and Drug Criminal Justice Workgroup promotes effective planning, policy analysis and information-sharing, and makes recommendations on effective strategies for addressing alcohol and drug issues of adult and juvenile offenders.

Specifically, the Workgroup is charged to:

  1. Develop a proposal to integrate public and private A&D delivery systems within the criminal justice system;
  2. Improve A&D planning, coordination and service delivery among County departments as they relate to offenders while under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system;
  3. Work to educate others of the importance of addressing the underlying addiction issues as a means to preventing future crimes.
  4. Explore the concepts of Harm Reduction and develop a framework for decision making based on Harm Reduction principles.

Alcohol and Drug Workgroup Reports

Following are key documents created by the Work Group. The first is a 1996 white paper that recommended improvements for managing offenders dependent on drugs and alcohol. In 1999, the Workgroup developed protocols for domestic violence intervention by Multnomah County alcohol and drug treatment providers. In 2002, the Workgroup prepared a chart of budgeted A and D services in the County that was presented to the County Commissioners.

  • Protocols for domestic violence intervention dv (76.71 KB)
  • Presentation to Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, May 2002 board_text_02 (120.56 KB)
    — Supporting Chart #1 boardcharts_ad02 (114.49 KB)
    — Supporting Chart #2 boardcharts_ad02_2 (50.02 KB)