The original proposal established a common data stream for all Multnomah County Detention Center bookings. The data would build serially from each stage on the Reception Floor flowing from entry into custody, then to release interview by a recognizance officer, Corrections Health and then to housing classification. The cost of the project was not determined.

Budget Range: Unknown

Status: Not implemented
At the time the workgroup started, MCSO staff was working on a counter proposal to create efficiencies in information sharing and processing and to establish feedback and documentation about how the process works for future adjustments of business process and data processing. The original proposal “mainly addressed automation of data collection with the hope that it would impact business process. However, streamlining is more about changing business process than storing data. If each business area wants or needs to ask duplicate questions at booking, streamlining is not possible simply by developing a data entry or data viewing system. Hence, the new proposal seeks (a) to coordinate and documenting the booking process; and (b) to develop an electronic custody report in SWIS. The first draft of the new proposal was presented to the Public Safety Plan Workgroup on 9/24/09.

Larry Reilly, MCSO analyst, is working on coordinating meetings with MCSO and other partners to get business support in place and discuss technical options. The ultimate goal of these discussions is to revise the final proposal and list its funding requirements. Once this process is completed, a smaller workgroup will get together to discuss funding options and put the proposal into action.

Last updated September 2009