This program, composed of health, mental health and counselor professionals will work to identify and evaluate the unstable, medically needy offenders with medical and mental health problems. These evaluations will occur early in the incarceration period and will allow for stabilization, appropriate interventions and working with the courts to develop a plan that is responsive to the offenders needs.

Budget Range: $1 - 2 million

Status: Not implemented
As of July 1, 2009, this program has not been funded or discussed for the jails. The activity focus’s on the Mental Health Court so energy was directed to the development and implementation of the Mental Health Court Trial. The Mental Health Court program does not include any dedicated Corrections Health personnel. With the 12% budget reductions for Corrections Health for FY09-10, we do not have additional personnel in our program, except for a half time nurse for 4th floor at MCDC.

Last updated September 2009