Decision Support System-Justice is a common public safety data warehouse designed to integrate public safety data from local sources while allowing individual agencies to continue their operations and data systems without interference. Over the past decade, DSS-Justice has allowed users to query justice agency data, track events such as criminal incidents, arrests, case dispositions and sentencing across data systems, and respond to requests for research regarding operational and policy issues affecting the public safety system.

DSS-J allows public safety agency users to create reports tracking events in the Multnomah County public safety system, such as calls to 911, reported criminal incidents, arrests, case prosecution, sentencing, supervision and criminal history.  County public safety analysts use DSS-J data to inform program design and performance, inform policy making, and measure public safety agency outputs and performance.

The DSS-J Policy Committee, consisting of representatives of LPSCC member agencies, oversees the direction and development of DSS-J operations.  The DSS-J Policy Committee maintains a Strategic Action Plan that serves to identify and prioritize strategies that will improve the administration and operation of DSS-J and to ensure the realization of the system's full potential.  In addition to the Policy Committee, a DSS-J Security Committee serves to ensure the security of data contained in DSS-J and to advise the Policy committee regarding access to system data.