An Integrated CJIS enables the real time flow of data between state and local criminal justice agencies and their individual data systems creating system efficiencies such as single point of entry, electronic transfer of forms and reduction on reliance on paper driven processes.

Budget Range: Over $5 million

Status: Not implemented
A feasibility study has been completed identifying the current status of the system, gaps in the system and proposing a cost effective solution to link all data streams together. The study estimated a three to five year implementation at a cost of approximately $10 million. The project is on hold awaiting a funding source at this time. The County is actively seeking grant dollars to fund the project and did place this project on its State legislative Agenda. It is unlikely the State will fund this project at this time.

After discussing the cost of the CJIS, the Public Safety Plan workgroup decided it was not realistic to take on a project of this size and complexity during an ever-declining budget. However, there may an opportunity to develop a strategy that ensures future changes to data systems align with the goals of CJIS. LPSCC staff will review MTG's reports and identify strategies and recommendations that would be easy or relatively easy to implement.

Last updated September 2009