Chaired by Judge Amy Holmes Hehn and Juvenile Services Division Director Kyla Armstrong-Romero

The Juvenile Justice Council began its work in Multnomah County years ago as the Detention Reform Steering Committee, which guided the development of the County’s nationally-recognized “Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative” (JDAI). JDAI's main goal is to identify youth who don't belong in detention and funnel them into less costly, more effective community-based programs.

The Council, which consists of representatives from local police agencies, schools, the Board of County Commissioners, the judiciary, juvenile defense attorneys, Department of Community Justice (DCJ)’s Juvenile Services Division, the District Attorney’s Office, the Oregon Youth Authority and youth service providers, continues to monitor and adjust the county’s juvenile justice system policies to ensure that the original objectives of JDAI continue to be met. JJC is also committed to ensuring community support for justice system reform.

JJC's mission statement confirms that its activities and concerns extend far beyond juvenile justice system reform in its efforts to make the community safer and hold youth accountable:

The mission of the Juvenile Justice Council is to provide a forum for the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and practices to improve the juvenile justice system. The Council engages system stakeholders within Multnomah County to improve the juvenile justice system by promoting public safety, responding to the needs of victims and assuring the equitable and effective delivery of services to youth and their families.

Juvenile Justice Council Meetings

Meetings normally take place virtually . . .

Third Monday of the month
12:15 noon - 1:30 pm

Please contact Sue Nemeth for exact meeting dates or if you have any questions.  Thank you.