This proposal addresses the duplication of services that is occurring in the pretrial continuum and shifts the personnel time the PSP officer would spend conducting an additional interview with the defendant to technology, KIOSK. The personnel hours saved by duplicate intake functions will be shifted to speedier in custody evaluations which would result in few jail beds days for those defendants released to PSP.

Budget Range: $100k - 250k

Status: Will be Implemented: A request to fund a project to implement kiosk technology to automate the intake, reporting, and monitoring of low risk defendants released from fail by Recognizance officers to the Pretrial Services Program was submitted to the Information Technology (IT) Advisory Board. Funding from the IT Investment and Innovation Fund for this project was approved. The project is slated to begin in August 2009 and completed in FY10. The use of kiosk technology to supervise defendants will be fully operational and the expected outcomes realized one year after implementation. A copy of the project request, which references the project's inclusion in the “Public Safety System Planning Report," is available on request.

Last updated September 2009