Linda Hudson (pronouns: she/her)

Linda Jo Hudson is a passionate agent of change.  She currently holds the position of Director of African American Services at Central City Concern.  This position has allowed her the opportunity to focus her energies on African American/Black adult individuals who struggle with some of life’s biggest challenges that include addiction and mental health concerns.  She believes that every human being deserves the right to be respected and allowed to strive to be the best he/she can be regardless of their background, socio-economical status, creed, sexual preference or past choices.  She practices the values she learned from her Midwestern and Southern ancestors; hard work, reliability; loyalty, commitment, and honesty. She also believes in second chances; sometimes third and fourth. 

Linda has worked in Social Services for over 25 years in one capacity or another.  She believes without question it is the best decision she’s made when it comes to employment.  She says, “I GET to support others’ Self Actualization!”

Throughout her career, she has received several awards for her selflessness and unwavering efforts to support the most vulnerable population.  Linda is a humbled possessor of several academic accomplishments while being a first-generation graduate student earning several degrees and accolades: Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Assistant with Office Management and Clinical Social Work, Bachelors of Social Work, Masters of Social Work, Masters of Addictions Counseling, and Qualified Mental Health Professional

Born in Oklahoma with ancestors from Texas and other southern states, she is graciously immersed with a hospitable, spiritual and loving nature.  She is passionate about making her ancestors proud for all the hard work and sacrifices they made for her to be here at this time. Family is her most important value!  They love hard, play hard, and sometimes cook and eat just as hard! They always find a reason to cook and break bread together, play games, laugh, give long hugs, and encourage each other.  This platform also allows her to pass along the learned values and wisdom to her 3 beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren. She is over-the-moon excited to soon to be a great-grandmother too!  

She loves listening to music, dancing, playing softball, watching sports, reading and believe it or not learning from others. She is a person in long-term recovery which means, she hasn’t had alcohol or illegal substances in 30 years.  She appreciates the significance of second chances. She continues to participate in recovery activities and is considered a shining light and a pillar of her community.