Judicial Settlement Conference Task Force/ Standards of Excellence

MCJRP Best Practices Refresher Video 2023
Refresher Outline Powerpoint (10.28 MB)

Best Practices for Judges

Judicial Settlement Conferences Standard Excellence Best Practices for Judges Video
JSC Standards of Excellence for Judges Power Point (744.24 KB)
Summary of Best Practices for Judges (373.64 KB)
Best Practices for Judges__Judicial Settlement Conference Standards (495.85 KB)
JSC Therapeutic Opportunity (602.07 KB)

Best Practices for Probation Officers, District Attorneys and Defense Attorneys (April 2016)

PV Hearing Best Practices Video
Best Practices: Probation Violations (821.41 KB)
DA Best Practices Summary (273.68 KB)
DA Best Practices (470.35 KB)
Defense Attorney Best Practices Summary (366.18 KB)
Defense Attorney Best Practices (408.75 KB)
PO Best Practices Summary (272.26 KB)
PO Best Practices (392.15 KB)
JSC Standards of Excellence PO DA DC SS (265.89 KB) 

Handouts and Documents

Defendant Notice Handout (229.72 KB)
Defendant Handout Spanish (72.13 KB)
MCJRP Assessment Report (440.59 KB)

Operational Guidance

Video Protocols for Out of Custody MCJRP LSCMI Interviews (145.91 KB)