Michelle “Yemaya” Benton: (Pronouns: she/her)

West Coast native, Michelle “Yemaya” Benton, P.S.S, is a dedicated community advocate and leader. She has a background in Peer Support, focusing on Mental Health and Rehabilitation. She has provided direct care for more than 70 Women of color, with an interesting focus on making change with a healing impact. 

Change happens when representation is apparent. The empowerment that rises from that one factor alone is priceless.  Understanding that there are folks who look like you has an undeniable impact on the lives of the Women we serve. The changed behavior with culturally specific programming is a proven tactical way to build up Black Communities. There is Positiveness that is derived from the mere fact of cultural responsiveness. 

As Secretary of the Black Community of Portland, a grassroots non-profit organization,  she has learned about the hardships our multifarious community faces in a realistic way; directly.  As an entrepreneur Michelle shares some of her time assisting the ever growing “pop up markets” that happen here in Portland.Her goals range from encouraging entrepreneurs, to being a direct help to her community, all levels. As a hobby she enjoys painting, and photography in her free time.