This workgroup is not currently meeting. 

In order to ensure that the 2008 Public Safety Plan was acted upon, LPSCC Council Members recognized the need to form a workgroup that would (a) review the status of the proposals recommended in the plan; (b) of the proposals that had not been implemented, identify those that were a high-priority; and (c) determine action items and next steps for moving on these proposals.

In preparation for the first meeting of this workgroup, LPSCC staff conducted a survey of all project leads associated with the 53 original proposals Proposals 8-12-09 (13.73 KB) included in the plan. Project leads were asked to update the proposal as necessary (e.g., budget) and provide information on the current status of the proposal (i.e., implemented, not implemented; why or why not). Survey results revealed that 9 proposals had been implemented or would be implemented in the immediate future, 7 proposals had been partially implemented, and 37 had not been implemented.

After this survey was completed, workgroup members met to review the proposals and discuss potential actions on those proposals identified in the plan as high-priority. Following this review and feedback on how information on the proposals should be presented, LPSCC staff developed a guide book on the proposals and a matrix detailing the status of the project, its priority level, and its budget.

At the second meeting of the workgroup, attendees reviewed these documents, nominated certain proposals to take on, and voted on their top five. The following high-priority proposals were identified:

High-Priority Proposals

  1. Booking-Pretrial-Classification Common Database
  2. Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)
  3. Adult Misdemeanor - Restoration
  4. Standardized Police Reports
  5. Holds Team

Medium-Priority Proposals

Although the workgroup did not rank the next set of proposals as “top priorities,” members still expressed interest in championing the following proposals.

  1. Mental Health Crisis-Respite Facility for Adults
  2. Tracking Custody Pretrial Offenders Return to Jail When OSH Determines Capacity to Stand Trial

Transition Proposals

The following proposals were forwarded to the Reentry Council and discussed at its November 9 meeting:

  1. Transition Vocation Team
  2. Transition Services Coordination
  3. Transitional Centers (Housing) for Releasing and Homeless Offenders