Quay Matthews (Pronouns: she/her) Quay Matthews was born in New York City. She moved to Portland, OR in 1978 with her family, where she currently resides with her four adult children and eleven grandchildren. She is an African American woman who has lived experience with mental health and addiction. Quay is now in recovery. She has also worked on her mental health issues, which has allowed her to be successful in all areas of her life. Recovery is her main focus for success.

She has successfully completed these programs:  Bridges to Change (Diane Wade House), The Empowerment (I love me) program for African American Women who have experienced drug and alcohol abuse as well as Domestic Violence,The Quest Center for Integrative Health and Blackburn, and transitional housing/ treatment which is part of City Center Concern. She also has experienced being on a hiring panel for Bridges to Change ( Diane Wade House). Quay is passionate about working with individuals who are underrepresented in her community. She has experience working with groups within the LGBTQ due to her employment as a house manager (with Bridges to Change) for the first LGBTQ house in her region. She also supports African American women in recovery. Spending time within these groups has allowed her to expand her knowledge and to be educated on how to better serve the community. Developing a strong relationship with her community is the foundation of everything she does personally and professionally.

Quay Matthews and Diane Wade started their relationship at Jefferson High School together where they both graduated. Their acquaintance blossomed into a great relationship with positive interactions throughout their time at Jefferson High School.

She prepares sandwiches once a month and serves the homeless in the community. Quay enjoys being in recovery, spending quality time with family, dancing, singing, modeling, watching Tyler Perry’s movies and plays.

Quay’s goals and aspirations are to be a motivational speaker, a peer mentor, and to return to college to further her education. She will continue to be an advocate and to help those in need. Quay will support those who have less opportunities than others to the best of her ability. While on the advisory board, she will be committed to her role and to give honest and trustworthy practices during her time. She is determined to contribute all of her spirituality and compassion for humanity, which will fuel her mission to help reach her goals and aspirations. It is important for Quay to have morals and beliefs. One of her morals is to be thankful and grateful for what she has. She also communicates that with her grandchildren, so that they learn how to appreciate what they have. One of her beliefs is to support people without judgement. She is very spiritual. Today Quay lives with integrity. She has learned to trust her process. She is so grateful.