Sherrilynn Blanton (pronouns: she/hers) 

Sherilynn currently works as a Clinical Director and a Behavioral Health Consultant. She is a mother, sister, aunt and grandmother. She has five sons whom she is very proud of.  Educationally, she has earned her  Master Degree in Social Work from Portland State University, and went on to become State Certified Addictions Counselor III (at Master Level) from MHACCBO Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon. She is  currently working towards her licensure for Clinical Social Worker with her Clinical Social Work Associate from the State Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Sherrilynn is also  a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP).

As for her experience, she has worked in various treatment arenas in various capacities. She has worked in the behavioral health and addictions field for over 25 years providing mental health and addictions services. She’s passionately worked with women, children, adolescents, men and families. In addition, she’s worked with individuals from all backgrounds including women and men involved in the prison system who were released back into the community.

Sherrilynn is honored to be a part of the community advisory board for the Diane Wade House. She knew Diane Wade personally as they have had quite a few clients in common. They sat in many meetings together and had plenty of productive conversations. Sherrilynn feels that she has a lot to bring to the table working with the team of women I will be working with that are on the board as well.

She plans to do her very best bringing her skills, abilities and knowledge with the best ideas in humbleness to better serve the women within the program with dignity and respect.

Sherrilynn Blanton, MSW, CADC III, CSWA