This proposal creates a standardized format for reports created by the multi-jurisdictional police agencies in Multnomah County to use and to be stored in a centralized database. These reports can be shared by the community partners from arrest, prosecution to supervision.

Budget Range: Under $100k

Status: Not implemented
At the time the workgroup started, no further work had been done on this issue. The solution was expected to come as a result of a CJIS system being implemented.

The workgroup discussed the feasibility of standardizing forms across agencies. Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer indicated that the Portland Police Bureau would soon be changing over to a new data system that Gresham Police were interested in using. PPB has already made its most popular reports electronic, which will make it easier for other agencies to use a common format. Chief Sizer agreed to forward this proposal to the LPSCC Agency Alignment Workgroup.

Last updated September 2009