This proposal establishes a tracking mechanism for Sheriff’s inmates, held on pretrial matters, who are removed from the jail and held by the Oregon State Hospital pending notice that the offender gains, or re-gains, the capacity to stand trial under ORS 161.370 (4). Upon return of the inmate to the sheriff’s custody, notice immediately from the jail to the Chief Criminal Judge and the Trial Court Administrator that the person has been returned.

Budget Range: Unknown, but probably minimal

Status: Implemented after 9/24 workgroup meeting
The Courts and MCSO staff worked together to devise a notification system when a defendant is returned from the State Hospital. Email notification by OSH is sent to Judges Baldwin, Frantz and Nelson. Judge Baldwin serves as the “clearing house” judge for all defendants with misdemeanors or Class C felony cases. Some of these defendants may be Mental Health Court eligible, enabling Judge Baldwin to efficiently docket those cases with the consent of counsel. Judge Frantz will serve as the “clearing house” judge for all major felony cases. Judge Nelson will serve as a “back-up” judge in the event that Judge Baldwin or Judge Frantz are not able to review the cases. The receiving court’s JA will notify defense counsel and the DA’s office of the defendant’s return and schedule a hearing as soon as possible.

[Note: Not implemented as of 8/12/09 meeting
Proposal contact not aware of any work that has been done to date on this proposed enhancement to ESWIS. Updates to ESWIS can take up to 6 months or more, depending both on the complexity of programming and the prioritization.]

Last updated September 2009