This proposal funds additional Transition Centers/Housing, including access to approx 500 units housing: Transition Centers’ Transitional/Supportive Housing and housing vouchers for the following population groups releasing from prison, jail and/or treatment: o High-risk and violent offenders ( including predatory sex offenders using structured transitional housing and transition center) o Special Needs including Mental Health, Developmentally Disabled and Physically Challenged (PSH) including links to MH Triage and Service o Cognitively and Physically ready to Work ( using Transition Center and semi-structured transitional housing)

Budget Range: Over $5 million

Status: Not implemented
No additional funds to develop or implement this program. However, the city has dedicated a half-block near the downtown Greyhound Station for a Homeless Center. There have also been discussions of a Homeless Court, pilot one-stops in Lane County and the Jackson-Klamath area, and opportunities to leverage downtown businesses. This proposal was forwarded to Multnomah County's Reentry Council for consideration.

Last updated September 2009