This is a joint offer with the District Attorney and Sheriff’s Office to improve investigations and prosecution rates for crimes against elders and persons with disabilities. This offer purchases a coordinator, adds funding to obtain the expertise of a forensic psychiatrist, forensic nurse and a forensic accountant. It will result in an increased probability of criminal prosecution and/or will recoup victim’s lost property or funds.

Budget Range: $250k - 500k

Status: Partially implemented
The federal grants process may provide partial funding for this proposal. If successful, it would fund an increase in Deputy Assistant Attorney time, an increase of a partial Sheriff investigator to full time and set funding aside to buy psychological and financial accountant forensic specialist time.

Aging and Disability Services, Adult Protective Services program has reallocated two generalist investigators to focus on Financial Abuse starting as a means of beginning the development of the team. The fist person was reallocated on July, 08, the second in Oct. 08. This was done without need for additional funding as we moved these two workers and have them focus on financial abuse. They operate at this time from APS central office on 4610 SE Belmont and act as a resource for all of the team.

At this point these two investigators investigated 140 cases involving financial abuse. 15 of those cases are still being investigated by law enforcement and the DA for possible prosecution. One case resulted in prosecution. The Multnomah county Sheriff office received $ 48,000 in congressional ear mark and is providing us with limited detective time. Those detectives work on their days off as this is considered overtime.

We are hoping to get the grant referenced earlier in order for us to receive more support from detectives and the DA. We have noticed that our success rate has improved last year even with the little support from the detectives of the county Sheriff’s office. We anticipate having a better prosecution rate once we have a full time financial abuse detective focusing on seniors and vulnerable adults. The APS investigators have connected with other financial institutions and are networking in order to prevent abuse.

Here is what is needed in order to for this team to be successful:

  • Although we expect to get a fully funded DA to focus on these issues from federal ear mark grant, if successful we would need to have a way to continue funding for this position.
  • We expect to obtain new earmark funding to bring the financial abuse detective with the Sheriff’s Office up to full time to investigate those cases with our APS workers to consider the criminal issues. This funding will also need to continue if successful.
  • We expect federal ear mark funding to secure forensic experts such as the neurophysiologist, forensic accountant, and forensic medical expertise needed when financial abuse is coupled with physical abuse
  • The largest currently unfunded need is to hire a VAST Coordinator to focus on abuse prevention, training, interagency coordination and communication with various law enforcement agencies to assure that the details are managed to support the decisions of which cases are appropriate for further investigation, and prosecution.
  • We now realize that we need some funds dedicated to civil litigation and private conservatorship or guardianship as not all cases end up criminally prosecuted. 

Last updated September 2009