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The 2010 What Works conference was a success!  Attendees, organizers, and presenters were all pleased.  A substantive Conference Summery what_works_conference_summary (81.57 KB) is available.  


An MP3 of Ed Latessa's Presentation and Questions and Answer session (with Len Engel) is available here (1:26).  PowerPoint of the presentations are available on the sidebar.  Video of the event is available on request.

What Works

This conference featured national policy experts on evidence-based best practices for justice reinvestment in a time of slim budgets. Elected officials and policy leaders learned how other states have realized measurable increases in public safety through justice reinvestment.

The conference was held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on December 10th, from 8 to 4.  Registration was free and lunch was provided.

As with our prior What Works sessions, this program attracted national and state policy experts and leaders.  Speakers at the conference included:

  • Lew Engle, of the Crime and Justice Institute
  • Dr. Ed Latessa, of the University of Cincinnati
  • Judge Darryl Larson, Chairman of the Oregon Criminal Justice Institute
  • Max Williams, Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections

For more detail on the conference proceedings, please see the conference summary what_works_conference_summary (81.57 KB).  You can also view the conference schedule what_works_conference_agenda (250.45 KB) and the original invitation invitation_for_web (104.57 KB).

To receive more information about the What Works Conference or to be added to our distribution, please email Matt O'Keefe or call 503-988-5002.

What Works Conference 2010: Smart Reinvestment in a Time of Fiscal Crisis

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