Ending Homelessness through Housing and Services

Every year, the Joint Office of Homeless Services and its contracted provider partners help thousands of people end their homelessness for good by moving into housing — while also connecting with thousands of other neighbors through an expanding network of shelter, street outreach, behavioral health and hygiene services.

The Joint Office funds the largest share of homelessness work in the region, drawing from resources budgeted by Multnomah County, the Metro Supportive Housing Services Measure, the City of Portland and the state of Oregon.

Our impact: By the numbers 

    Get involved

    Everyone in our community can play a part in helping people experiencing homelessness find stability through housing, whether it's through direct service, advocacy, donations, being informed or even by offering housing.

    Find opportunities to be part of the solution.

    Learn about homelessness

    Learning about the root causes of homelessness in our region can help us avoid assumptions about our neighbors surviving outside while informing effective policies and solutions.

    Read more about the factors driving the crisis of homelessness in our community.

    Explore the stories behind the impact

    Finding home means more than having a roof over your head. It's the safety of closing a door behind you; the peace of knowing where you'll sleep every night; the support and stability that allow you to heal, rebuild and thrive. That's what thousands of people in our community have found when they've moved in to a home of their own.

    Watch and read stories of our neighbors who have found home.