Landlords: Your neighbors need housing. You can help.

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One of the biggest obstacles people face when working to end their homelessness is finding a landlord who's willing to rent to them. The Joint Office of Homeless Service and its community partners are always trying to innovate new ways to bridge that gap and help more people than ever end their homelessness for good.

That's where Move-In Multnomah comes in.

Move-In Multnomah is a new program, developed by the Joint Office of Homeless Services, that offers additional incentives and dedicated support to landlords willing to make housing units available to people coming out of homelessness. It's an expansion, and an acceleration, of work already under way in this community, helping thousands of our neighbors into homes of their own every year.

Any property owner with housing units available for rent (apartments or houses) can participate! Don't wait — sign up to secure these incentives as soon as possible.

Incentives include:

  • Rent guarantees for up to 12 months (duration of lease)
  • Holding fees to cover rent for vacant units while a tenant is being secured
  • A hotline for landlords to connect with tenant case managers if needed
  • Resources to cover damages beyond the cost of the security deposit

Are you ready to make a difference for someone ready to end their homelessness? It's easy! You can also email us at to learn more! 

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