L to R: Kris Pearlman, Naomi Butler, Steve Black, Macy Langley, Alene Davis, Trina Strahl, Darrick Herndon, Stephanie Woodard (Not pictured: Susan Little, Elisa Gorham, Alan Proffitt)
When TRIRIGA goes live in January, the County will have the ability to assign people to their work-space for the first time. To manage that new functionality, the Facilities program team invited departments to select division space representatives to help maintain and update space assignments.

Several of those Division Space representatives took part in UAT sessions last month. They got to see what happens when a user submits a space request – and importantly, what that process looks like when a user has a space assignment vs. what it looks like without one.

Each space representative will be responsible for approving space requests in their division. Testing allowed them to see the entire approval process from start to finish.

For Macy Langley, the Facilities Program Lead, involving the space representatives in testing was important. The goal was to get them in the system so they could see the new functionality – and the new responsibility that comes with it.

Space representatives liked the approval process and ability to see more information. Dan Swerbilov, Library Facilities Specialist, appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback – and suggest enhancements – during testing. One of his suggestions has already been incorporated into TRIRIGA.

For Langley, the new functionality is exciting. Now, when a Trades staff member is assigned a task, they won’t find themselves blindly searching a maze of cubicles for their client. The locate functionality will allow them – and any County staff member – to find employees and conference rooms easily. [Though only Facilities will have access to space information in secured locations.]

The space assignment functionality in TRIRIGA will help Facilities provide services more efficiently and allow departments to manage their own space assignments.