L to R: Kelley Tralle, Jill Wolf, Phyllis Laners, Tracey Letmate, Nancy Wilton, Lorraine Newell, Keith Falkenberg. Not pictured: Kezia Wanner, Madeleine Mader, Christia Scardino, Jodi Erickson, Jamila Williams
Multco Align Change Liaisons serve as communication and change readiness coordinators to help prepare your department for implementation of the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. They meet monthly and coordinate with the Align Change Management Team.

What Liaisons can do for you:
  • implement a communications plan specific to your dept, and aligned countywide
  • attend team meetings or hold information sessions to show benefits of Workday and other applications
  • bring your questions and needs forward to program leaders

What you can do for Liaisons:

  • refer staff questions or rumors to them
  • seek accurate information from them
  • let them guide you on staff communications

Have Questions about Multco Align? Contact your Change Liaison

  • DA's Office - Jodi Erickson, 503-988-4510 and Jamila Williams, 503-988-5706
  • DCA - Madeleine Mader, 503-703-7984
  • DCHS - Keith Falkenberg, 503-988-4472
  • DCJ - Christia Scardino, 503-988-7304 and Lorraine Newell, 503-997-6164
  • DCM, Non Ds - Nancy Wilton, 503-988-7597
  • DCS - Jill Wolf, 503-307-1297
  • Health - Phyllis Laners, 503-988-6837
  • Library - Tracey Letmate, 503-988-9324
  • MCSO - Kezia Wanner, 503-988-4407