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About SAP

I don’t use SAP. What does it do?

  • SAP is our current ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It is a system of integrated applications to manage the business of the county. County functions managed by SAP are: finance, human resources, payroll, purchasing, contracting, and inventory/asset management.

What happens to all the data currently in SAP?

  • The Data & Integration team is working on mapping our current data to be able to import it into Workday.  

About Our New Systems

What are the components of our new ERP?

  • New applications:

    • Workday touches all employees. It is intuitive and has a smartphone-like homepage with icons for easy access to time entry, leave requests, personal information updates, benefits selection/summary, expense reporting, job profile, etc.
    • Tririga will be used for Facilities Asset Management. It will create exciting new capabilities for space management, work order tracking, etc. 

  • Existing applications that will integrate with Workday and Tririga:​
    • Marketplace is expanding to offer greater ease in e-sourcing, vendor management, purchasing & contracts
    • Questica is already used for our complex budgeting process, and it's capabilities will also be expanded
    • See the Software Suite page for more details.

What does a having a “cloud-based” system mean?

  • Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs via an internet connection to a secure, off-site, shared server instead of from your agency's own on-site server. The benefits to cloud computing are many.  Wherever there is an internet connection you have access to your information.  Your software is not tied to a specific computer- meaning you can log in from anywhere to work in or view the software program.  It's all real time - so hundreds and thousands of people can be in the same software program at the same time making updates. The expertise needed to build software and secure the data managed by that software, has simply become impractical and costly to do “in-house.” 

What is employee "self-service" and what does it mean for me?

  • Employee self-service, or ESS, is a feature of most modern human resource systems. ESS allows employees to take care of many human resources and job-related tasks that would otherwise need to be completed by human resources personnel or management.  
  • Employee self-service systems allow employees to change personal information such as address, phone number, emergency contact information, enroll for health insurance, name beneficiaries and more. Currently, many county processes are paper based. With the implementation of self-service functionality, many HR paper processes will occur online.  This will reduce the time it takes to process a transaction, reduce the level of manual effort involved and allow all users to have immediate secure access to information as is appropriate.

How will our new system impact the public?

  • ​The County Job Opportunities website provides information to the public about employment opportunities. The county currently uses NEOGOV to post job opportunities. The implementation of Workday will result in a new user experience and application process for all county recruitments.

About Workday

When will we start using Workday?

  • January 2019. Employees will have early access to demonstrations, user guides, training, resources, and support.

What are the primary benefits of the new system?

  • Unified System - HR and Finance data is stored in one system, is integrated with other critical systems, and is accessible across all parts of the organization.
  • Data Analytics & Dashboards - Real-time data available. No more waiting for reports to be pulled.
  • Mobile Capabilities - Workday is available for Apple and Android devices. If you have an internet connection, you can login from anywhere.
  • User-friendly & Self-service - A modern interface that resembles today’s websites. Time entry and leave requests will be an easy “click to submit” process.

What will happen with employee ID (SAP) numbers? Does Workday also use employee ID numbers, and if so, will our IDs stay the same or change with the new system?

  • Our current SAP numbers will stay the same. You will be able to see your ID in your Workday profile. 

Will I be able to use Workday on my smartphone or tablet?

  • Yes. Mobility is one of Workday's features -- Workday is accessible 24/7 and the mobile apps have an interface that is very similar to the desktop version. 

Will Workday Inbox messages also go to our Gmail inbox?

  • Yes. Notifications and to-do items will also be sent to our Gmail inboxes. There will be a link in the email message to take you to Workday in your web browser to complete the action.

I’m not an HR or Finance employee, how will I use Workday?

  • Employees will use Workday to:
    • enter your time
    • request time off
    • do your PPR (Performance Planning and Review)
    • update your personal information (name, address, W2 info)
    • review your benefits information
    • sign up for county training classes

Will I be able to access Workday from home?

  • Yes, you can login to Workday from a computer or mobile device at any time from anywhere. If you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can login to Workday. There is also an app for iPhone and Android.​

When can I see what Workday will look like?

  • Our Workday system is still being developed but you can see examples of Workday in action by viewing videos on the Software Suite page. See example of a Workday home page on the right. The home page displays a variety of icons, called Worklets, that launch actions such as requesting time off, reporting time and viewing pay stubs.

What is a Workday inbox and how is it different from my Gmail inbox?

  • Your Workday Inbox will contain notifications and to do items that are required of you and you can act on those activities directly from your Workday Inbox. You will also receive an email to your county Gmail inbox, notifying you when there is an item requiring action. 

What is the Workday landing page?

  • The Workday landing page, also known as the Home page, displays a collection of visual icons called "worklets." The home page allows users to quickly view data and perform tasks. The worklets that display on the landing page can be customized based on your needs as a user.
  • Worklets displayed on the landing page are customizable by the user. Required worklets remain on the page and cannot be removed. Optional worklets can be removed. Additional worklets can be added.

Will contract processing and approvals be done completely online? Reducing the need for paper and wet signatures?

  • Yes, in addition to the Jaggaer Total Contract Manager(TCM) tool which will allow the review and approval of contracts entirely on-line we will also integrate the Docusign tool for electronic signatures for both internal and external users.

Will we be able to see available vacation and sick hours? This would be helpful when requesting vacation time.

  • Yes, you will see your available sick and vacation hours when requesting leave and when entering your time.

Will Workday remind me to complete my timesheet?

  • Yes, there will be automatic reminders before timesheets are due.

Will my personal information be secure?

  • Workday's infrastructure, policies and procedures are built to ensure data is protected. Security threats and risks are mitigated through strong internal controls and a comprehensive security program designed to ensure the protection and integrity of personal data. Workday consistently passes rigorous third-party compliance audits, including multiple SAS70 Type II audits, and certifies to the U.S. Safe Harbor program for data privacy. Workday provides this short video to explain their security model.

How will we search for employees in Workday, like we do now in the Employee Directory?

  • Workday has a search bar at the top of the window. Just enter an employee name, or just part of a name, and you will get results to choose from. Then click on the person you are looking for and you will get their contact info. Watch this short video to see how it works.  Workday search for employee.mp4

Will the Workday directory replace the multco commons directory? The libcommons directory?

  • There has not been a formal decision about the Commons Employee Directory or Libcommons Directory.  For the most part, the Workday Directory can replace the functionality of the Commons directories, but there are still a few things to be worked out and decided.  Once the final decisions are made, we will announce the outcome.