L to R: Kelley Tralle, Jill Wolf, Phyllis Laners, Tracey Letmate, Nancy Wilton, Lorraine Newell, Keith Falkenberg. Not pictured: Kezia Wanner, Madeleine Mader, Christia Scardino, Jodi Erickson, Jamila Williams


Multco Align Change Liaisons serve as communication and change readiness coordinators to help your department prepare for the new Multco Align business software systems, Workday, TRIRIGA, Marketplace, and Questica.

What Liaisons can do for you:

  • Communicate specific information to your department.
  • Hold information sessions to show the benefits of Workday and other applications.
  • Get answers to your questions.
  • Help you find learning and informational resources.
  • Support leaders as they communicate key messages.
  • Listen to the needs of individuals throughout the organization and provide feedback to leaders and the project team.
  • Build understanding of the program among employees.
  • Demonstrate early adoption of the program.

Tracey Letmate from the Library is working closely with business teams such as Human Resources, Business Services and Facilities to understand how the changes in our systems will affect day-to-day work. They identify the key stakeholders within the library, and determine the best way to communicate the changes. Tracey also works with the Multco Align training team to develop library-specific training aids and coordinate support efforts with library technology learning leaders.

At the Department of County Human Services (DCHS), Keith Falkenberg is convening the DCHS Change Team, which is made up of stakeholders from each division, and business teams including Human Resources and Business Services. Together, they are identifying changes and developing new processes.

“My role has been to work closely with stakeholders from each division and determine the key issues unique to DCHS while also developing solutions, communications and information-sharing across the department,” says Keith. “This is a challenging project, but I’m excited to facilitate a change team with such dedicated colleagues.”

Jill Wolf, from the Department of Community Services (DCS), is leading the DCS Change Team with members from all divisions. The team is identifying the effects of the new systems. They are also developing strategies and processes to address the changes. Jill provides regular updates to staff via email and in the DCS Newsletter.

“Our Change Team and HR staff are very engaged and are working to help our staff learn about the new systems,” says Jill. “I’m confident that with their help, we will be ready for go-live.”

Nancy Wilton coordinates the Department of County Management (DCM) /Non-Departmental (Non- D) Change Team and connects managers and employees to learning and testing opportunities. The dedicated, amazing and fun Change Team examines the Multco Align system’s effect on internal business processes and recognizes the strengths, challenges and needs of employees during change. Guidance from Kelley Tralle, Change Management Lead for Multco Align, has been essential for the Change Team’s success.

Madeleine Mader, from the Department of County Assets (DCA), has her eyes peeled and ears open for pivotal issues to pass onto the Multco Align program. She facilitates a DCA managers focus group, checks in with teams, and keeps questions and information flowing. The Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Procurement, Contracting and Budget teams are highly engaged in the program. Because of a partnership with Nancy Wilton, who coordinates the Department of County Management/Non-Departmental Change Team, DCA, DCM, and Non-D employees will be all able to drop in at various locations to get help filling out their first electronic timesheets in January. Madeleine has proposed we throw a retirement party for SAP, our current timekeeping system. She joked about gathering with cake and balloons to thank SAP and send it off into the sunset while applauding the many brilliant staff who have maintained and run SAP these many years.

Lorraine Newell is a long-time member of the Department of Community Justice (DCJ)’s Human Resources team, and after spending a year on the Align HR Team, she returned to DCJ as a change liaison for both Human Resources and the department as a whole. She has recently reconvened the DCJ Change Leaders, which is composed of key leaders from all three divisions, both exempt and represented. This team is expected to grow as we get closer to Jan 1. Lorraine wants managers and employees to understand that while change involves some additional effort initially, the payoff will be worth it. Once the learning curve tapers off, this project will provide efficiencies, more accurate data, and a giant step forward technologically.  

“Hang on to your hats and glasses, folks!” says Lorraine.

Phyllis Laners works with a dedicated team of Health Department workforce development representatives. Together, they coordinate a diverse network of Multco Align stakeholders and learning leaders to identify, evaluate, and communicate information and learning opportunities that builds employee understanding and resiliency around the new system.

“Important to our process is making sure employees understand how the new system helps enhance their ability to manage with intention, transparency, and inclusion,” says Phyllis. “My role is to help bring together the information, resources, and tools our staff need so they can more confidently meet the changes the new system will bring to their diverse service areas.”

Kezia Wanner came to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) as the Business Services Chief less than a year ago. Strategic planning for major organizational changes is part of her charge, so preparing the organization for Multco Align is a top priority. Employee time entry and manager approval of time in Workday will be a major shift in MCSO practices. Ensuring the appropriate time coding and application of contract clauses regarding staff time and pay has long been entrusted to the Time and Attendance Unit, which will continue as the Timekeepers audit time entered in Workday. Transferring such trust to a new technology is not easy. Kezia has worked with the Sheriff’s Office’s senior leadership to identify Multco Align ambassadors who can be early adopters and serve as peer guides. Organizational readiness is also coordinated with functional leaders such as Jennifer Ott in Human Resources, and Wanda Yantis and Michelle Rader in Finance.

The District Attorney’s Office is the County’s smallest department. Their HR manager, Jodi Erickson, and their Finance manager, Allen Vogt, have been involved with Multco Align from the start. Jodi and her colleague Jamila Williams, a dynamic duo in Human Resources, recently coordinated both the Time Entry event in August and the Manager Roadshow in September. Our busy attorneys will need just-in-time guidance to use the system at go-live, so Jodi is coordinating the participation of a few supervisors in Manager Learning sessions to prepare them to assist their peers.

Have Questions about Multco Align? Contact your Change Liaison

  • DA's Office - Jodi Erickson, 503-988-4510 and Jamila Williams, 503-988-5706
  • DCA - Madeleine Mader, 503-703-7984
  • DCHS - Keith Falkenberg, 503-988-4472
  • DCJ - Christia Scardino, 503-988-7304 and Lorraine Newell, 503-997-6164
  • DCM, Non Ds - Nancy Wilton, 503-988-7597
  • DCS - Jill Wolf, 503-307-1297
  • Health - Phyllis Laners, 503-988-6837
  • Library - Tracey Letmate, 503-988-9324
  • MCSO - Kezia Wanner, 503-988-4407