Coming in January 2019

  • The user interface is much friendlier than SAP! With minimal training, a new person can figure out how to do productive work.
  • Easy to search using plain language. Just like google, the system will show items that match the search term.

  • Easy access to real-time data, metrics and dashboards that pulls financial and personnel information together.

  • Reports can be shared by simply giving others the url. If you are talking to HR about an issue in a report,  all you have to do is email them the link and you can look at it together.

  • Ability to see and update personal data such as name, address, dependents. Self-entry of professional profile data, similar to LinkedIn.

  • Online time entry and leave requests. Auto forward to supervisor for approval. No more paper forms needing signatures. The system tracks it all.

For System Super Users (Staff in HR, Finance, Procurement, Contracts, Budget, Facilities):