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Implementing new technology that touches all 5000+ employees and creates exciting new ways of doing business requires extensive planning and project management. At the center of planning is a timeline. 

  • Jul 2017 - Sep 2017: Architect Phase. Design workshops to configure new system.
  • Oct 2017 - Jan 2018: Prototype Phase. Build prototypes, data conversion.
  • Summer 2018: Go-live for Marketplace Sourcing (July) and Contract Manager (August).
  • Aug - Sep 2018: Test Phase. User testing and acceptance.
  • Sep - Oct 2018: Manager Roadshows. Presentations highlighting new tools for managers & supervisors.
  • Oct - Dec 2018: Employee Roadshows. Presentations highlighting new tools for employees.
  • Nov 2018: ULearn resources on Commons. User guides, videos, FAQs & job aids.
  • Jan 2019: Go-live for Workday & TRIRIGA.
  • Jan-Dec 2019: Training, Support & Wrap Up Phase. Manager learning sessions, peer mentors, self-guided help and more.

Currently in: Testing Phase

The Multco Align Program recently completed the Prototype phase and is now entering the Testing phase. Testing began in February and will go through November. Like all of the program phases, Testing is very important to the overall Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. The testing approach varies for each of the systems that make up our ERP solution, but crucial to each is involvement by people who will be using the systems on a daily basis. While more than 225 county employees have been involved in the project to date, dozens more will participate in the testing phase.

Completed: Prototype Phase

Prototypes are self-contained working copies of Workday. Multnomah County will have three prototypes configured as an iterative process from October through January. Each prototype allows the project staff to refine functionality, assess design of business processes, and fine-tune data conversions to meet our expectations.

Completed: Architect Phase

In the Architect Phase, project teams decided how to best configure the software to meet our needs. A major selling-point of Workday is that we can use it right out of the box with no expensive customization needed. It contains hundreds of settings options and during the Architect Phase we decided which settings to enable. 

Completed: Planning Phase

In the Planning Phase, we laid the groundwork for future phases. Here are a few points of interest:

  • Project teams received training on the software we are configuring to meet our needs
  • Initial "crosswalking" occurred to assess how our current systems and data will transition or integrate into the new system
  • Key frameworks of the Workday software such as Finance's Chart of Accounts and HR's Job Profiles were reviewed
  • The enhanced Multco Marketplace software is receiving a trial run through a small pilot project
  • Contract neared finalization for implementation of IBM Tririga software to give Facilities Asset Management new capabilities
  • Communications and readiness strategies are being developed