November 1, 2018

U Learn is a campaign to provide learning to U the way U learn. The heart of self-service learning is getting the information you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

With October Manager Self Service Month wrapping up, we wanted to share some highlights from recent Manager learning events.

Managers have many learning options to prepare for Workday

In person learning: Manager Roadshows have been well attended – over 340 managers have attended one of 19 roadshows.  

The majority of attendees surveyed left roadshows feeling informed (70%) and wanting to learn more or get more information (54%), which is exactly our goal! We wanted you to see Workday and learn about the benefits and changes coming your way.

Hopefully, you now feel prepared to explore more U Learn resources and connect with your department HR team with questions.

Online resources for managers:  Check out the Manager Readiness Checklist and Manager Self Service resource page on Commons. Learning videos are available now and quick reference guides will be available in November.

Hands-on learning: Over 100 Manager Learning Leaders have been participating in learning sessions to get hands on exposure to Workday. They’ve practiced basic navigation and time entry and learned about their roles in performing staffing and recruiting actions in Workday.

A few quotes from Roadshow attendees on what they found exciting in Workday

  • “Availability of PPR's in Workday - this is huge. Tracking, reporting, monitoring...again this is huge!” Department of County Management Manager
  • “I’m excited about streamlined processes [to] facilitate better access to HR information.” Library Manager
  • “I’m excited to have more information at my fingertips.” Health Department Manager
  • “Decreasing the number of calendar reminders, spreadsheets, and checklists I keep track of.”  Library Manager