Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations are complex undertakings that involve extensive collaboration across technology, business operations, departments, and functional teams. It is critical to our success to have commitment to a set of core principles that guide us throughout the lifecycle of the program. Multco Align's executive steering committee developed these foundational principles to support thoughtful actions and key decisions.

  • Future First. We are designing the system with our future needs in mind.

  • One County. We will have a standard way of operating to provide consistency and connection, helping us work together effectively.

  • Simplification of Business Processes. We are designing for simplicity, user-friendliness, and efficiency.

  • Self-Service First. We will have data and tools are at our fingertips. Everyone is empowered to work easily within the system.

  • Configuration Replaces Customization. The technology is designed to support our operational needs now and in the future. We won’t require unique customizations.

  • ERP Platform First. Our chosen set of solutions is robust and meets our needs. Look to it first, not outside of it.

  • Thoughtfulness Around Impact. We need to expect disruption and opportunity. Anticipate impacts and show compassion.

  • Implementation is Time-Bound. Our timeline is established. New features and support will be ongoing.