"A Dose of Dr. Denny'' debuts with tips on how to prevent the flu

October 30, 2013

He’s been described as the “people’s doctor.”  The Multnomah County Health Officer is the public health physician who directs, guides, consults and provides leader­ship around health issues in this county.

Dr. Justin Denny, a physician and epidemiologist, became the Multnomah County Health Officer in February 2013 af­ter working for the World Health Organization and United Nations.

That’s why on Oct. 30, 2013, Multnomah County launched “A Dose of Dr. Denny,’’ a series of short, informational videos designed to help people live healthier lives. Every week, he’ll be sharing ways to protect you from illness and make healthier choices.

This week Dr. Denny explains why it’s so darned important that you get that flu shot. You can learn more at the Multnomah County Health Department or at the state of Oregon’s flu site.