November 10, 2021

In observance of Veterans Day, today, Nov. 11, 2021, all veterans and current members of the Armed Forces, Active, Reserve and National Guard are remembered and honored in Multnomah County. The Board of Commissioners share the following appreciation for their service. You can also read the Board's proclamation and veteran stories here.

Archive photos are from a 2018 Veterans Day ceremony in Gresham (before the pandemic.)

A veteran raises the flag for the 2018 Veterans Day Celebration in Gresham.

“I am deeply thankful to our veterans for the many sacrifices they have made to serve our country — a gratitude that extends to their families and loved ones, too. Multnomah County is committed to supporting veterans, whether they have already transitioned back into civilian life or have only begun that often difficult journey. I remain grateful for the invaluable work of our Veterans’ Services Office, and for all the veterans who are a part of the County workforce.” Chair Deborah Kafoury

At the Gresham Heroes Memorial in 2018.

“On this Veterans Day, I am grateful, not only for those who have served, but also to the families and caregivers who have supported them during and after their service - including our Multnomah County employees in the Veterans’ Services Office.  For your bravery, hard work, and commitment to our country, I thank you.” —  Commissioner Susheela Jayapal

A handmade sign thanks veterans at the 2018 Veterans Day Ceremony in Gresham.

“Today we honor our Veterans, and I am particularly thankful for those who fought for the emancipation of others, against despotism and tyranny, side by side with Americans of all races, creeds, sexes, and genders. 

America is an idea, full of contradictions, tensions, and challenges, but those who fought for our highest ideals - beyond what even the founders envisioned - belong in another class of heroism. Their willingness to lay down their lives for those ideals should humble and inspire us all.” Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson

A Veterans Service Officer straightens information at a 2018 Stand down.

"Words fall short of conveying my deep gratitude and immense respect for all who have served our country. Your sacrifice and those of others who have lost their lives to protect our freedoms are debts we can never repay.  It is a privilege to stand with our community and a grateful nation to say thank you and pay tribute to you - our veterans." — Commissioner Lori Stegmann

Veterans Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the actions taken and sacrifices made by military-involved individuals to serve and protect our community. Throughout our history, courageous individuals have served our country with honor and dignity. I admire the strength, resilience, and bravery of our veterans and I am proud to have sponsored Multnomah County’s Veterans Day proclamation.

As the Board liaison to the Veterans Task Force I’ve connected with and learned so much from and about the incredibly diverse array of people who engage in military service. Navigating the COVID pandemic has been arduous both for Veterans and their families. Isolation, physical illness, mental health issues, and housing insecurity have been colossal challenges to overcome. And these are all the more reason that we need to elevate and celebrate the contributions of Veterans.

Thank you to the organizations and Multnomah County employees that serve our community’s Veterans, and thank you to the Veterans who have served our country. I am deeply grateful." Commissioner Sharon Meieran