Medicare Enrollment Starts Oct. 15 and we can help

October 3, 2014

People with Medicare health coverage need to carefully read their mail this week for their annual "notice of change.

What is changing? I'n Multnomah County alone, eight private plans (either Medicare Prescription Drug plans or “Medicare Advantage” plans) will be leaving, five new plans will be available, and many will make changes in name, cost, and benefits. Plans are required to send to each enrollee, which should arrive after Oct. 1.

To help citizens understand the changes, the Multnomah County Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance program will offer several options to help people understand the changes, and compare their current coverage with the Medicare plans available for 2015.  Enrollment events are planned at local libraries, to provide one-to-one counseling appointments for those who prefer it.

“Medicare coverage is very individual, and people approach it differently,” said Janet Bowman, program coordinator. “With many choices available, people can find plans that are affordable, meet their needs, and cover their healthcare providers.  We are here to help them with the search.”

Remember: Affordable Care Act (Cover Oregon) plans are not designed to supplement Medicare coverage – make sure you are reviewing Medicare plans when you sit down to compare. Plans that do work with Medicare are listed on the website, in the Medicare and You 2015 handbook mailed to households, and on the website at .

Enrollment Events (appointments are required):

Individual one hour appointment with a trained, impartial County volunteer to compare plans. Call 503 988-3646 beginning October 1st to schedule an appointment. 

MON.  10/20   Midland Library           805 SE 122nd Ave. Portland 97233

FRI.     10/24   Fairview Library          1520 NE Village, Fairview 97024

MON.  10/27   Hollywood Library       4040 NE Tillamook  Portland 97212

THUR. 10/30   St.Johns Library          7510 N. Charleston Portland 97203

WED.  11/5     Hillsdale Library          1525 SW Sunset Blvd. Portland 97219

WED.   11/12  Midland Library           805 SE 122nd Ave. Portland 97233

FRI.     11/21   Hollywood Library       4040 NE Tillamook Portland 97212

MON.   11/24  Hollywood Library       4040 NE Tillamook Portland 97212

TUES. 12/2     Midland Library           805 SE 122nd Ave Portland 97233

FRI.     12/5     Hollywood Library       4040 NE Tillamook Portland 97212


For more information, contact Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services Helpline at 503-988-3646.