Sellwood Bridge by the numbers

December 16, 2011

2: Current sufficiency rating on a scale of 0 to 100 for the bridge, the busiest two-lane span in Oregon.

3: Number of feet the hillside on Oregon Highway 43 has shifted over time toward the Sellwood Bridge, weakening the span’s west approach and creating cracks in its west end supports.

10:Number of tons that vehicles crossing the current bridge are limited to for safety reasons. That restriction has prevented fire trucks and nearly 1,300 daily freight and bus trips from crossing the span.

500: Number of feet from the bridge for the no-wake zone in the Willamette. The zone is to ensure the safety of river users and construction workers. Boaters should reduce speed in the zone and maintain a safe distance from other boats and construction areas.

1,705: Number of job-years that construction and design of the project are expected to create. The project has goals for 20 percent of the construction budget to go to firms that are classified as disadvantaged minority, women or emerging small businesses.

1925: Year the current bridge opened.

2012: Year that construction of the new bridge will begin (July 2012). Work to build the detour bridge begins this month.

2015: Year project will be completed.

9,350: Projected number of daily bridge trips by cyclists and pedestrians in the year 2035, compared to 530 daily trips now.

30,500: Average daily motor vehicle traffic on the bridge.

$268 million: Project cost. Backed by an annual $19 vehicle registration fee for county residents, Multnomah County will issue bonds totaling $127 million (47 percent of the cost). The city of Portland will contribute $73.5 million (27 percent). The state will contribute $30 million (12 percent). The federal government will contribute most of the remaining $37.5 million.

$331 million: Initial cost estimate. Multnomah County saved $63 million from that by making design refinements and finding innovative approaches to construction – such as the detour bridge.

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