STATEMENT: Processing recent violent acts

January 27, 2023

Statement from Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson:

In recent days, each of us has woken to fresh news of violence impacting the nation, including in Georgia, Iowa, California, Washington and Memphis, Tennessee, as a wave of incidents share a story of hate, trauma, brutality and injustice. 

I feel extremely sad and angry when I think of the inhumanity, the lives lost, the impacts on families and loved ones, and the communities that have so much to heal from. Addressing our rage and despair gives us opportunities to process in peaceful, productive and community-centered ways and I hope you will take time to do this in the coming days. 

We take the job of preventing violence, providing community safety, and healing from trauma at Multnomah County seriously, and work diligently to address the circumstances and factors that lead to harm.

I stand today with Sheriff Nicole Morrisey O’Donnell, District Attorney Mike Schmidt, Department of Community Justice Director Erika Preuitt and Health Department Director Ebony Clarke, as well as the many partners and advocates whose work to increase prevention and justice helps our communities immeasurably today and every day.