2013-2014 MYC Retreat

2013-14 MYC Highlights

During the 2013-14 MYC year, we took our work out of City Hall and the Gresham Schools Building to the youth in our communities. We held several community events, including our first Youth Summit on Transit Justice, our Youth Candidate Forum, 3rd Annual Rob Ingram Youth Summit Against Violence, and several meetings and focus groups related to issues such as violence, transit access, and chronic absenteeism in schools. The MYC continues to build relationships with youth to hear their perspectives on neighborhood issues. Committees are evaluated and realigned at the annual mid-year retreat in February, based on feedback provided by the community, MYC sponsors, and youth commissioners.  

The MYC does most of its community work in three designated committees: Education/Youth Voice, Sustainability, and Youth Against Violence. The most notable projects and achievements of these committees during the 2013-2014 program year include:

Education/Youth Voice Committee

  • Efforts to identify root causes of chronic absenteeism, and creation of a report and presentation containing the committee's findings, which were presented to the Communities Supporting Youth Collaborative of Cradle to Career.
  • Facilitation of the annual Youth Candidate Forum.

Sustainability Committee

  • Creation of policy recommendations regarding youth safety, policing, bus fairs, and bus service/routes.
  • Development and leadership of our first Youth Summit on Transit Justice on May 17, 2014. 

Youth Against Violence Committee

  • Hosting the third annual Rob Ingram Youth Summit Against Violence, which was attended by nearly 400 youth, community leaders, and elected officials.
  • Expansion of Service-Learning Projects: $500 mini-grants were awarded to 14 Multnomah County schools to fund projects based on YAV's policy recommendations.