Adam Calverley

Adam Calverley

Pronouns: He/They

Why did you join the MYC ?

Youth are often unrepresented and overlooked when decisions are made that directly impact them -- I joined the Multnomah Youth Commission to represent the unrepresented and to better my lens, and my peer's lens, onto social issues in our diverse community.

What three words best describe you? 

Extrovert, Innovative, Organizer

Who inspires you?

Sophie Willson - Sophie has heavily influenced me and inspires me in many ways that I could not describe. Being with me for a lot of my early childhood, she introduced me to so many different communities & taught me many life skills throughout the way.

What is an issue/movement that is important to you?

- Easy public transportation for youth

- Civil rights for Black/BIPOC youth

- Public education enhancement

- LGBTQ+ rights & protection

- Entire police reformation

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Anything for breakfast!