Emily PhotoWhy did you join the MYC?

I saw a lot of problems in my community, but I found it difficult as a youth to come up with a solution. The MYC helps me have a voice in solving those issues.

What are your passions/hobbies?

I’m on my high school’s cross country running team and really enjoy music, singing and I have played the flute for four years in band. My biggest passion is fighting for youth voice, which is why I love the MYC.

Name one youth you admire and why?

I admire Jazz Jennings because she is a huge role model for the LGBT community. Even at a young age, she was never afraid to show who she truly was, and still continues to show that today.

What is an issue/movement that is important to you?

Gun violence is important to me because of how often I see it. It happens to minority groups and in schools, and places of prayer.