Emily Photo

Pronouns: She/Her

Why did you join the MYC?

I joined the MYC because I saw so many issues in my communities that were being ignored for too long. I knew that MYC could give me and other youth an opportunity to make that change and use our voices.

What is an issue/movement that is important to you? 

The climate change/Friday’s for future movement is very important to me. We are youth that are the future for the planet, but we don’t know if that is future is safe or inhabitable. So many communities have already been affected from climate change, but soon the whole earth will too, which is why we need to take action and lower our carbon footprint.

Who inspires you?

A youth activist that inspires me is Ayakha Melithafa. She is a teenager from South Africa who has continuously fought for actions to be taken against climate change. Not only is does she talk about climate change, but she highlights the voices of the unheard. She educates ppl on the fact that POC and poorer communities are already being affected deeply by climate change, and we need to take action fast.