YAV is currently focused on Anti-Gay and Gender, Cyberbullying, Gang Violence, Police Violence, Home Violence, School and Bullying Violence, and Sexual and Dating Violence. 

Last year, YAV hosted their first Rob Ingram Youth Summit Against Violence to try and change the way violence was talked about and dealt with in our community. This year, with the generous support of State Farm's Youth Advisory Board grant, YAV hosted their second annual summit on March 16, 2013. This all-day event brought 400 youth and adults together to talk about different forms of violence and possible action plans. Youth and adults worked in partnership to come up with action steps and commitments that built on the policy recommendations from last year’s summit. Currently, YAV is working in conjunction with two Portland State University capstone groups to evaluate the data collected at the summit, and to support our service-learning projects throughout Multnomah County schools. These projects will create a lasting change in schools and the larger community, while building capacity and leadership among students. 

YAV is also reapplying for State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board grant, to help continue their work into the future. As of this year, YAV also works in partnership with Multnomah County's Office of Diversity and Equity, Department of County Human Services, STRYVE (Striving to Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere), Defending Childhood Initiative, and Local Public Safety Coordinating Council, as well as City of Portland's Office of Youth Violence Prevention, America's Promise Alliance, and Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition. 

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