September 5, 2012

On Sept. 1, the state’s largest coordinated care organization, Health Share of Oregon, launched operations. Health Share of Oregon is the new name of the Tri-County Medicaid Collaborative.

This means that 212,000 Oregon Health Plan members who receive medical and behavioral health care in Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas counties will now be enrolled in either Health Share of Oregon or FamilyCare Health Plans, Inc.

FamilyCare began enrolling members on Aug. 1.

After months of planning, Multnomah County is now beginning to implement the enrollment, billing and other changes needed to coordinate our work with these organizations.

So how will these changes affect Oregon Health Plan members who receive county services?  It won’t. The changes occurring are in the “back office’’ so that members’ doctors can work as more of a team.

For Oregon Health Plan members:

  • Your Oregon Health Plan benefits will not change.
  • Your doctor and behavioral health provider will not change.
  • Your ID card will not change.
  • You will also keep the same dentist, clinic and dental benefit.

For now, Oregon Health Plan members who have customer service questions about their coordinated care organization can call:

  • Health Share of Oregon at (503-416-8090),  (888-519-3845) or (TTY/TDD 711)
  • FamilyCare CCO at (503-222-2880) (800-458-9518) or (TTY/TDD 800-735-2900)

Or, you can call the customer service number the member always has:

  • CareOregon (503-416-4100), (800-224-4840,) (TTY/TDD 800-735-2900)
  • Kaiser Permanente (503-813-2000), (800-813-2000), (TTY/TDD 800-7335-2900)
  • Providence (503-574-8200), (800-898-8174), (TTY/TDD 888-244-6642
  • Tuality (503-844-8104), (866-575-8104), (TTY/TDD 800-735-2900)

Questions about behavioral health should be directed to the county services where the member lives.

  • Multnomah Mental Health/Verity (503-988-5887),(888-620-4555), (TTY/TDD 503-988-3598)
  • Clackamas Mental Health (503-742-5335), (888-651-2134), (TTY/TDD dial 711)
  • Washington Mental Health (503-291-1155), (800-995-0017), (TTY/TDD dial 711)