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Updated July 2, 2021

Keep Wearing Your Mask poster»

Starting June 30, the State of Oregon has removed most COVID-19 restrictions. Masks and physical distancing are still required in hospitals and healthcare facilities, in airports and in all modes of public transportation.

Businesses can choose to require masks and physical distancing as long as they have accommodations for people with disabilities.

If your business or organization requires masks, post signs where people can see them when they enter. 

Learn more about steps you can take to improve air quality in small spaces such as businesses and offices:  Public Health Recommendations: Indoor air considerations for smaller spaces 

OSHA Temporary Rules

Oregon OSHA has adopted a rule to maintain risk-reducing safety measures for workers across the state against the coronavirus. See OSHA temporary rule summary.

There are a number of OSHA requirements, including specific rules for many different business sectors. For a complete list, see the full OSHA Temporary Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks

On June 30, Oregon OSHA removed face covering and distancing requirements from COVID-19 rule for most businesses.

OSHA Temporary COVID-19 Standards Poster in English and Spanish.        

Employees & Testing

What to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19»

As of November 16, OSHA requires employers to notify employees within 24 hours when they were exposed to or affected by an individual at work with a confirmed positive COVID-19 test.

OSHA also requires that employees be allowed to work at home during quarantine or isolation, if suitable work is available and their condition allows it. Workers must be allowed to return to their previous job duties at the end of their quarantine or isolation period. 

See OSHA’s COVID-19 webpage for details.

If you are an employer, we do not recommend asking employees to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test as a condition of employment.  There are better ways to protect your workplace from COVID-19 infection.

If an employer requires testing as a condition of employment, they must pay for that expense.   

We ask employers and their employees to cooperate with case investigators and contact tracers. This is our best strategy for stopping the spread.

Workplace Safety Concerns and Violations

Multco Public Health Advisory: Keep Wearing Your Masks

Signs & Posters

Find Oregon Health Authority signs on their website under “business signage”

Multnomah County Public Health Advisory: Keep Wearing Your Mask

Updated 5/27: English 8.5 x 11 |  English 11x17

How to use a cloth face covering (1.09 MB)

Cleaning and Sanitizing Guidelines

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More Information

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Phone numbers

  • Business Oregon's Navigator Hotline at 833.604.0880
  • Prosper Portland Business Line: 503.823.3200
  • Gresham Chamber of Commerce: 503.665.1131