Taking care of ourselves and others: a COVID-19 guide for Youth and Families, with coronaviruses in the background

September 15, 2021 Update: We are in the process of updating this guide. You can find updated vaccine, testing, and quarantine information on our COVID-19 website.

Created by Multnomah County students, parents, and public health communicators, we hope this guide is a resource you and your family can turn to during this challenging time. 

In this toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Basics about COVID-19 and how it spreads

  • Where to get tested, resources for staying home, and tips on caring for someone with COVID-19

  • General prevention guidelines along with strategies for safer socializing and dealing with peer pressure

  • Maintaining mental and physical health and coping with loss and grief

  • Resources to stay informed, access health care, mental health counseling, and culturally-specific support, and ways to get involved

To get the most out of this toolkit, we invite youth and families to answer the Discussion Questions.

English |  Taking Care of Ourselves & Others: A COVID-19 Guide for Youth & Families (1.53 MB) Discussion Questions (21.81 KB)

Chinese (simplified) |  照顾自己 和他人:面向青少年和家庭的新冠病毒指南 (1.84 MB) 学生和家庭讨论问题 (216.71 KB)

Chinese (traditional) |  照顧自己及他人:COVID-19 青少年和家庭指南 (1.85 MB) 學生和家庭討論問題 (299.88 KB)

Russian |  Забота о себе и окружающих: Руководство по COVID-19 для молодежи и семей (1.49 MB) Вопросы для обсуждения с учащимися и их семьями (263.9 KB)

Somali |  Daryeelidda Nafaheena iyo dadka kale: Hagaha COVID-19 ee loogu talo galay Dhallinyarta iyo Qoyska (1.47 MB) Su’aalah Falanaqaynta ee Qoyska iyo Ardayda (201.45 KB)

Spanish |  Cuidarnos y cuidar a los demás: Una guía de COVID-19 para jóvenes y familias (1.51 MB) Preguntas de discusión para estudiantes y familiares (157.06 KB)

Vietnamese |  Chăm sóc bản thân và những người khác: Hướng dẫn phòng tránh COVID-19 dành cho thanh niên và gia đình (1.6 MB) Câu hỏi thảo luận dành cho học sinh và gia đình (220.67 KB)