Updated May 16, 2023

Updates reflecting new recommendations from state and federal agencies are pending. 

    Tri-County COVID-19 Toolkit for Long Term Care Facilities (1.86 MB)Guidance for outbreaks in long term care facilities

    Tri-County COVID-19 Toolkit for Adult Foster Homes (843.07 KB) Guidance for COVID-19 outbreaks specific to the adult foster home setting

      Additional resources

      These resources were developed by Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties for use by long-term care facilities. 

      Resident Management and Visitation

      Creating a COVID-19 Cohort (619.43 KB)
      Cohorting- Creating a Modified COVID-19 Cohort (442.56 KB)
      Holiday Visitation, Preparation, and Management (816.5 KB)
      Monitoring Residents for Symptoms (462.07 KB)
      Resident Management (443.19 KB)
      Shared Resident Rooms (508.52 KB)
      Social Distancing in Community Settings (459.81 KB)
      Visitation - Making Visitation Safer (656.26 KB)

      Transmission-Based Precautions

      Aerosol Contact Precautions Sign (562.69 KB)
      Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) (815.03 KB)
      Donning and Doffing PPE (621.4 KB)
      Managing Supplies (457.14 KB)
      PPE Use Quick Reference Guide (480.24 KB)
      Transmission-Based Precautions (806.35 KB)


      Eye Protection (884.04 KB)
      Isolation Gowns (827.36 KB)
      KN95 Masks (463.04 KB)
      N95 Respirators (907.57 KB)

      PPE Supply Estimator

      Staff and Facility Considerations

      Break Room Safety (528.48 KB)
      Cleaning and Disinfection (553.4 KB)
      Hand Hygiene (589.14 KB)
      Improving Indoor Air Quality (531.5 KB) 
      Linen and Laundry (523.57 KB)
      Monitoring Staff for Symptoms (476.49 KB)
      Work Exclusion for Staff with COVID-19 (653.09 KB)


      ODHS Provider Alerts 

      ODHS COVID-19 Information for Long-Term Care Facilities  

      More resources