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Multnomah County urges continued masking on public transportation

The state mask requirements were lifted March 12, 2022 for most indoor public places.

Masks are still be required in certain settings

Some settings like health care, transportation hubs and group living situations will still require masks even after the mandate ends. Check the OHA website to see which settings will have additional masking requirements. 

Masks in Multnomah County buildings

After March 12, 2022, masks will still be required in County healthcare, shelter, and corrections settings. Members of the public and employees will be expected to wear masks in the public areas of County buildings that include both healthcare and non-healthcare services. Face shields worn alone are not an allowable substitute for a mask in county buildings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was there a Face Covering Order?

The goal of the order was to limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. Masks are one of several important tools we have against COVID19. A mask mandate helped protect us while highly contagious variants moved through the community and more Oregonians became fully vaccinated.

Why is the Mask Mandate ending?

The mask mandate was in place prior to vaccines being widely available, and again when the Delta and Omicron variants were spreading. Now, much of the population in Multnomah County has been vaccinated and may have some natural immunity from being infected with the Omicron and previous variants. In addition, the rapid decrease in cases and hospitalizations mean we can move toward reducing such broad scale efforts.

Can I wear a mask or face covering if I want to?  

Yes, you can still wear a mask if you wish. Masks still protect you even if other people aren’t wearing masks. While Oregon’s mask mandate has been lifted, masks continue to be an important public health tool for reducing the spread of COVID-19, even if they are no longer required in indoor public spaces.

When did the mask mandate end?

The state mask requirements was lifted March 12, 2022.


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